Sunday, March 22, 2009

rose and some other girl

so this first girl on the left got sick after the first 20 minutes. she ended up throwing up and leaving. then the second girl showed up as a substitute. i sat right next to Frank Tauriello the whole day, so i think i was subconsciously trying to impress him. lol! i told him i got inspired by his good vibes and he said, "Bullshit!". awesome.
this was mostly done in Sketchbook Pro 2009 (i got suckered into buying the latest version because it was cheap. but what i really wanted was the 2010 version coming soon). only the color was done in Photoshop with overlay layers.

1 comment:

BROCASSO said...

These are fresh Zaza!

Big up from the old school cal arts
classmate Todd.

Nice to see your work looking so nice.