Monday, March 17, 2008


here is my favorite punk rocker chick. for being a non professional model, she can hold a mean pose. she is way more interesting to paint than pretty much anyone. mainly because of her cool look. i always like painting her shoes too. ha.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


alright no more week counting. i'm just throwing these up .
i finally got around to trying out the greyscale technique that i know a lot of digital painters use. its where they do the painting in black and white first to get the tones all good. then they bust out the colors on top. it makes a ton of sense to do it this way, but damn it sure does make things take longer. i sorta feel like i ended up painting this twice. i almost prefer it in greys though. its pretty straight forward technique. its eliminates a lot of the guessing, trial and error in starting with color early. good lesson.


so after 40 weeks of painting naked people, i finally made the time to paint something outside of my workshop class. and of all the damn things out there.... its Ned Kelly!!!! with some New Balance kicks on. wtf? yeah i know.
its the outlaw bushman Ned Kelly. i just love the spirit of Ned Kelly. i think when i was in Australia i got this funny, messed up impression of what i thought he was/should be like/act like. i'm pretty much sure its super far from the truth, but oh well. he's much cooler in my mind. haha.