Monday, April 30, 2007

digital matte painting tips

this was sent around work by our lead bg painter. i'm no matte painter, but the info is universal. lots of good tips.
can't argue with a link that gets the "OK" from our awesome background painters.

learn and enjoy.

week 8

this is actually the same girl from week one. who would've guessed? looks different huh? man the older guys love this girl. she has that classic, old style, pinup body type. probably reminds them of girls they used to drool over when they were younger. haha! honestly, she's even bigger than how i drew her. i mean some real bombs on her. apparently she does modeling for photos and such. she has that 50s thing down.
and no she doesn't really look like roseanne barr. thats just how she ended up in my painting. and no she isn't asian either. she's hispanic... i think.
anyway here you go. i wish i coulda done more with this one. need some more time i guess. the wacky brush i used in her hair wasn't a good look. one of those last minute, in a hurry moves. oh well.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

week 6 revisited

here is how i usually start my paintings. i rough in a quick sketch. i then duplicate the image (just to keep the original drawing for reference) i then start blocking in color in the background and in the figure. usually using two to three tones for most things like skin and clothing. from there i'll pick out colors from the model and do a pass through the whole figure with that one color. after thats done its all about refining and doing the same process but on a finer level. paying close attention to overall shape, value, and silhouette.
i'm sure i'm missing something, but you get the idea. its all about working big and broad in the beginning and slowly working towards a smaller/detailed level. getting the initial drawing right is pretty important, as it can come back to bite you in the ass later.

Friday, April 27, 2007

NPR's review of Hyphy Hitz

apparently listening to hyphy hits is "to be invited to a party that doesn't stop, with each guest trying to wear the biggest loudest lampshade on his or her head."
so odd.
haha! this is great.

week 7

so this girl here.... man... alright. the guy that runs the workshop enjoys finding regular girls to model for us. so this girl comes in and everyone is like, "aww great!" tall, long limbs, she' s got the crazy rebellious tat on her chest, the greasy long hair boyfriend, the hipster pointy pumps, and funky hairdo. cool right?
one of the regulars enjoys drawing "nudes". nothing strange, that's just what he like to do. so as time goes on he gets bored and starts a new drawing of this girl. this time topless. homegirl see this and starts trippin. saying how this makes her uncomfortable and yadda yadda. dude is like cool and decides that maybe its best to leave. oh no we're not done. all the people that run the workshop are trying to comfort her and she's crying now, calling her boyfriend. meanwhile time is ticking away. has this heffa ever posed before? know about any kind of art? does she realize that people sometimes draw things out of pure fantasy (dude actually did her a favor in his drawing). all this coming from a girl who just earlier bragged about how her parents didn't understand her tattoo, she's from a "different" generation.. bitch please. get outta here.
so yeah... the word bubble was added. just sorta sums up that day. ha.
but damn her tattoo is pretty cool huh! haha! neato hair too.
took about 3 hours. her stockings were fun to paint. just tried to get the feel of it. although not exactly acurate, i like the way the blues in her skin and stockings looked, so i kinda left that in. something also happened with the layers in sb pro (transparency problems), so i had to touch the background up after the session.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

ghettotech mix

so after hearing DJ Dark Alley put it down at Funktion the other week, i've been looking for some dope ghettotech mixes
found this one mix today. some german dude i think. fun stuff!

GhettoTech: Nessbeth - Bounce´N´Banging

1. intro
2. get low instr.
3. red dawn
4. star 69 rmx
5. d.e.t. 05
6. for the money
7. push up pull down
8. youngbloodz
9. just jit
10. dm 242 a1
11. on yo
12. southside rmx
13. bass
14. bang the box
15. dm 239 a2
16. no save
17. taste like chicken
18. pj megga mix
19. hoes & discos
20. master blaster (turn it up)
21. the rats
22. dm 248 b2
23. dm 240 b2
24. bounce
25. gated
26. return of the voices
27. dm 242 b3
28. ass in the air
29. work that
30. lookin on da flo
31. take it in the face
32. d.e.t. 04
33. never scared
34. halloween
35. 21 positions
36. put yo hands on it
37. dm 242 a2
38. another hoe
39. i'm a hoe 2k1
40. dm 240 who u wit
41. hare of the dog rmx
42. 142 mph
43. nigga music
44. respect
45. who shake the best acapella
46. southern fried
47. milkshake
48. i want some
49. octapie
50. pp 008 a2
51. bitch
52. pp 008 b2
53. throw it up instr.
54. no no
55. where they at (ladies night mix)
56. where they at
57. bounce yo
58. seasons
59. woodward walker
60. dm 239 b1
61. pop dat booty
62. tits like balloons
63. hold me back
64. get down
65. force
66. raw fury dub
67. club jumper

i'll put more as i find them.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

week 6

so the model never showed up on this day. after waiting around for almost an hour, the girl that helps run the workshop posed for us. dang i don't know what happened here. felt like i ran out of time or something. just wasn't feeling it that day. again a little bit of the small head thing going on. i gave her a fivehead. haha! forgot to go back and add in the hair in the front. oops. peep the jeans... oh yeah putting those new brushes to work. heh.
oh yeah i added a paper grain saved out from artrage. damn i wish those two programs were put together into some el ultimo tablet art program.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Frank Tauriello

i didn't know this until recently, but this guy, Frank Tauriello, comes and paints with us at the workshop. super nice guy.
i had no idea who he even was or what he did. turns out he does/did portraits for a living. painted some famous people in his day. i love this kind of stuff. feels very traditional/classic/dated. reminds me of paintings i used to look at as a kid.
pretty cool stuff. could probably learn a lot from a guy like this.
he has a workshop coming up in May. talking about portrait painting.

why is it old guys can make comments to models that are borderline flirtatious (maybe even slightly offensive) and it comes off as funny or cute. its awesome how they get aways with saying stuff like that. i'd get a cold shoulder or maybe a smack in the face for saying the same comment to a woman i didn't know. hahaha! gotta love it.

Monday, April 23, 2007

week 5

week five. not sure what the hell happened here. felt like i didn't get much done after 3 hours. definitely needed to push the blacks more. black is such a funny thing to paint. its like the more you look at it the more things you see in it. it starts playing tricks on you. i should have taken a step back and simplified it.
oh yeah my bad habit of small heads and enlarged hands is pretty apparent here. usually i try to catch it early and scale stuff to fit.
notice the brush used on the chair cloth? oh hells yeah... made a few brushes in sb pro. not very complex sure, but does what i need.

week 4

this was week four. spent more time on her head/face and right hand. totally missed out on the shoes though. it was after this session that i realized i was in need of a textured type of brush (like multiple lines, dots, chalk, dry brush, etc.). sketchbook pro is great for its simplicity, but it really does lack certain things that could make painting easier. custom brushes (like in photoshop) would be awesome. oh yeah and a better layer system (although i've come to accept its shortcomings by now).
i still never emailed this chick the painting... oh well. haha.

cam ron's rhymes

funny shit
killa cam's book o rhymes
if you know his style and flow. read along.
good stuff. love the doodles too.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

week 3

week three. at the workshop where i paint, they sometimes get regular people that are willing to pose. fun stuff. clothed/costumed models can be way more fun to draw. this girl had the greatest expression. the melancholy punk rocker thing was kinda dope.

oh yeah i finally discovered the resolution settings in sb pro (haha, not sure why i never bothered to look until then). basically, i can get in all close and add more detail because, hey guess what, its actually larger (duh...) as great as this is, it means more time is somewhat needed /used /wasted on details.

week 2

ok this was the second week. i felt like i got somewhere after i finished this. still getting comfortable with sb pro though. man i wish their little pop up window thingy thangs acted more like artrage (disappear when you rollover).

Thursday, April 19, 2007

week 1

i have this terrible habit of not finishing drawings. i usually get bored or would rather start on a new one (stems from a 2d animation education maybe?). so sitting in a room for a few hours painting naked people is my remedy. a lesson in patience. did i mention they were naked too?
this is the first real painting i've done on my way back into painting.
i'm using a tablet pc with sketchbook pro. really the first painting i've done in sb pro. spent about 3 hours+ on it. everyone is always trippin over the fact that i'm using a computer to paint with (especially older people).
she had this 40s 50s thing going on. i kinda made her look ugly though. haha my bad.

here it goes

alright... made it
yall can thank char. <3