Monday, November 26, 2007

week 29

so i think i figured out why i can't seem to get very far lately with the paintings. Image Size. yeah, i recently started painting at a higher dpi and so its been taking me that much longer to really get into these. maybe i'm such a noob that i'm doing sonething wrong with my settings?? eh who knows.
anyway i didn't get very far on this. got kinda bored too i guess. i was trying a different approach too. i'm trying to find ways to speed up my process.

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Char said...

I know you didn't get far with this painting, but I still like the way the boobs turned out. Actually, in most of your figure paintings, the boobs look good. Even if you're bored with a model or class, you should milk it for what whatever practice you can. Well, keep us abreast of any other projects you have going on.