Sunday, October 28, 2007

week 26

here it is... the first guy model since i started painting.
its a guy, in a suit. yay.
i just didn't feel like "painting" on this day. plus i felt the black and white worked with the whole suit thing. you know... just doing something different.

Monday, October 22, 2007

week 25

so here i continued what i started in the last painting. more of the same splattery background. i tried to add an outline around her. feels more comic bookish. i didn't finish the outline because it really took away from her face and changed the whole vibe of it. her right leg turned out a little jacked up. one of those things i sketched/blocked in and forgot about till the end and realized it was too big/long. oh well.
this was the first time this model posed... ever. pretty crazy to just get up and get naked on your first try. i believe she is a dancer/art student so thats probably why she is cool with her body.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

week 24

yeah i know the neck looks long. but you know i realized this as i was painting and i kept trying to remeasure the proportions and in the end this seemed right based on the model. i laid in the background fairly early which i think led me to want to add the paint drips on her leg. for whatever reason the splattery thing going on in the bg made me think of graffiti. i kinda like it though. i'll experiment more i think. why not right?

week 23

man... i can't really remember much about this session. again more photoshop. i used a lot of that furry looking brush for most of this (shout out to nivbed for that). it really helped with the blocking of color. it also added to the way i was planning on rendering this. basically i didn't need to do too many brush strokes to fill in areas.
it still amazes me how many people haven't seen a tablet pc. they really trip out on it. and the fact that i'm drawing on the screen really makes them bug out too.