Thursday, July 26, 2007

week 17

whoa where have i been? after being super busy i finally got around to going back to my workshop class. and as i said in the last post i moved on from alias sketchbook pro to photoshop. the workflow is way different. sketchbook is built around its ease of use on a tablet pc. photoshop is meant to be used in conjunction with a keyboard. and damn the added amount of options and brushes and whatnot isn't always a good thing. i think i waste more time trying out stuff than actually painting. but man you can get some cool stuff out of photoshop.
as far as the painting goes... well i was definitely trying things out. experimenting. having some fun. got this cool model who was down for a standing pose (which is always good). she even had this cool little outfit that made her look like some jazz cabaret dancer. she kept moving so i just went with my initial pose and faked it a bit. tried using a few custom brushes i picked up in the past (big ups to nivbed's brushes). but yeah just having a laugh. gotta get more practice in with photoshop though. peace out for now.

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