Monday, June 25, 2007

week 16

man.. this older lady had the craziest tats all over her entire body. there was a huge dragon on her left side that went all the way down her thigh. one can only wonder what she was like in her golden years... an attention starved, ren fair hippie??? i kid, i kid.
i switched up the rendering a bit on this. tried to paint more like the way i might sketch. i was trying to be very conscious of following her shape and contours while shading and adding color.

this may or may not be one of my last paintings done in sketchbook pro. i've finally accepted the fact that this is pretty much a dead product. nothing new. no more updates. i've been reading up on the new artrage update/version that will be out in the near future. sounds like it should do what i need it to do. the current version is lacking in a few areas (lasso, move scale, rotate tool). although, i might just bite the bullet and use photoshop without a keyboard and added slight lag.


toxic dan said...

hey ZAZA!! wut up!!!

EKG! said...

sup homie! you should try painter. i'll hook you up if you want it next time we meet.