Saturday, June 23, 2007

week 15

now this was fun. this model comes in and is totally down for a standing kind of pose. i think up till now everyone has been sitting. finally... a full standing (ok, leaning) figure for once. apparently she runs and hikes a lot so she had some real range in her skin tones.
the funniest thing happened when i got a impromptu life drawing lesson from some older asian dude who works at disney (or used to maybe) as a storyboard artist. he was rocking a glen vilpu t-shirt so i asked him about it and we got to talking. i haven't had a lesson in years. it was nice to get some good advice. a reiteration of basics. a reminder of those simple lessons that should be second nature. he got on me about my proportions (the dreaded small head and large hands) and how to properly measure up a model. he also got on me about how i need to really finish/connect my lines together(making corners from curves as steve huston would say). the last thing he talked about was shading of planes and breaking down the model into planes. basically... take my time and look, instead of rushing off to the rendering of a pretty picture.

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