Monday, June 4, 2007

week 13

i quite like the way this turned out. this is the same model from week 2. she was really glowing in her orangey red maternity type dress. really stunning. yeah she really is preggers.
i really went with the original sketch on this one. i tried to make it work with the final outcome. sorta like a comic book kinda drawing/coloring. normally i just use it as a guide for the painting bit and use the colors to define certain things. but as i kept painting i realized i sorta needed it/usedit to keep this from falling apart. there wasn't much definition without the sketch. i had to go back a clean the sketch layer up a bit because of that. too many construction lines and such. i had planned on making the dress a large solid block of color and just ditch the details. but as i kept painting i started adding in shades and just went with it. probably for the better. i tried to stick to a certain range of colors on this as well. i wanted her to be the only thing in color and sorta pop with oranges. not sure waht happened with her nose though. kinda weird, yeah?

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