Wednesday, June 6, 2007

arthur adams

so i saw this cover for the up coming Avengers Classic and i was reminded about how cool these kind of covers were when i was a kid. and how Arthur Adams was the man behind them. for as long as i can remember this guy was always impressing me with his artwork. when i was younger i used to copy his drawings (especially his wolverine).
he's got plenty of other comic work, but i went looking for his other "here we come!", "comin' at 'cha!", multi hero'd covers. sure when they are all together like this, there are many similarities. you might say he relies on the same kind of poses. and yeah, wolverine always looks about the same. but in the end they are still pretty damn cool!

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Anonymous said...

pretty ill, always loved the guys work, wish arthur adams would do an xmen book damn would be sweet