Saturday, June 23, 2007

adidas top tens

snap son! back before i had a job in animation i used to see a pair of adidas top tens that i really wanted. i never got a chance to buy them. after i got a job, i could never find them again and i forgot all about them. untill recently....
so ok i've been on a little hunt for dope top tens. i just got the black "soul power" top tens (i believe they came out to commemorate black history month). i almost don't ever want to wear these cause they are so dope. super plush. velour around the ankles, embossed leather inner sole and tongue, printed design on the sides... oh so fresh.
to me, top tens are like the "dunks" of adidas. straight up classic and simple. if these were marketed right, i think they could really take a chunk out of the market that nike has created with both their dunks and air force ones. as far as basketball type of shoes, if the top tens are like dunks, then the centennials could be like af1s. i know adidas pushes the superstar/shelltoes as their basketball shoe, but honestly, i feel thats in its own category. its more related to/associated with hip hop rather than basketball. they already got soccer on lock with the sambas. they got tennis on lock with rod lavers or stan smiths. and they got plenty of fresh ass running shoes. but i never felt their presence in basketball shoes. and lets be honest, a shit ton of kids, hip hoppers, tastemakers, and sheep, flock to nike for basketball kicks. and they really aren't all that (nikes are the only shoes that ever fell apart on me). adidas corporate, step your game up. i know you've done a few neat things with top tens, but where are the top ten exclusives, limited editions, and collaborations. damn at least how about some different colors.
and another thing, i can't be the only adidas head out there (and i'm not even that serious about my kicks). where yall at?


EKG! said...

yo, where's the chuck taylor low tops? the OriGinals before Nike bought them out.

Anonymous said...

im the filipina in the relationship... so let's work on your imelda marcos syndrome