Wednesday, May 9, 2007

week 10

in this here i started with a gradient this time. i actually had to use a different program just to make that (wtf?). i think this is the sister of the girl from week 4, the punk rock chick. check out how big i made her legs. haha! her knee is the size of her head. i realize i make a lot of these scale choices because of the angle and perspective i'm at, but damn sometimes it gets out of hand. ha. but on this even the way i started the painting was a bit different. i actually kept a sketch layer visible/on top while i filled in colors. then merged them after. which leaves me with a sort of outlined/colored in look. so for example.. i had to deal with the nose being drawn and defined through line, rather than painting in the colors and shapes to define the nose. you dig?

1 comment:

valerie said...

I like this one alot, I don't think the size of her legs detracts from the overall piece, it does make her slightly imposing though, which I like.