Wednesday, May 30, 2007

week 12

i tried something new here. mainly with the brush strokes and process. i ended up focusing on her face more and even that didn't get very far. her hairline is totally unfinished. but aside from wasting too much time, i like the overall look.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

week 11

this was done the week before i left for korea. kinda kooky broad who came in with her dog (francisco i think it was named? or maybe ferdinand?). slightly older spanish lady who had a really interesting look to her though. really big eyes. wacked out hair and this weird kimono looking get up. the boots were kinda cool too. she kept changing her pose throughout the session. i kinda stuck her to the original pose she did. sometimes i wonder if anyone else notices these slight changes. i try to capture the original pose and try to go with my original sketch. the first pose usually isn't so relaxed or the model isn't as tired. its more spontanious. oh yeah. she has some man hands going on in my painting. hehe.

Monday, May 28, 2007

what i'm working on...

finally i can say it.... STARCRAFT 2!!
just came back from Seoul, Korea. i was there for Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational and the announcement of our new game. i'll throw up some soul pics later.
the cinemtic was my first project while at the Blizz. i'm still a noob i guess.

check out the trailers here
or here
or maybe here

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

week 10

in this here i started with a gradient this time. i actually had to use a different program just to make that (wtf?). i think this is the sister of the girl from week 4, the punk rock chick. check out how big i made her legs. haha! her knee is the size of her head. i realize i make a lot of these scale choices because of the angle and perspective i'm at, but damn sometimes it gets out of hand. ha. but on this even the way i started the painting was a bit different. i actually kept a sketch layer visible/on top while i filled in colors. then merged them after. which leaves me with a sort of outlined/colored in look. so for example.. i had to deal with the nose being drawn and defined through line, rather than painting in the colors and shapes to define the nose. you dig?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

week 9

well what can i say. i was a little bored. due to a awkward position, i got this crazy view of the model. this is the same model from week 4. i think i drew her 3 time total on this day. got a little overboard with the dot brush huh? yeah well... just having a laugh in the end. i kinda like how the face turned out.

ZOMG! days of future past!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can i just say that Heroes is the shit!
best show ever. it makes my inner nerd so happy i could pee my pants. i loves it oh so very deeply.
if you ever read comics and you're not watching this show... go kill yourself, heal yourself, and then kill yourself again (shout out to claire).

that is all.