Monday, April 30, 2007

week 8

this is actually the same girl from week one. who would've guessed? looks different huh? man the older guys love this girl. she has that classic, old style, pinup body type. probably reminds them of girls they used to drool over when they were younger. haha! honestly, she's even bigger than how i drew her. i mean some real bombs on her. apparently she does modeling for photos and such. she has that 50s thing down.
and no she doesn't really look like roseanne barr. thats just how she ended up in my painting. and no she isn't asian either. she's hispanic... i think.
anyway here you go. i wish i coulda done more with this one. need some more time i guess. the wacky brush i used in her hair wasn't a good look. one of those last minute, in a hurry moves. oh well.

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