Friday, April 27, 2007

week 7

so this girl here.... man... alright. the guy that runs the workshop enjoys finding regular girls to model for us. so this girl comes in and everyone is like, "aww great!" tall, long limbs, she' s got the crazy rebellious tat on her chest, the greasy long hair boyfriend, the hipster pointy pumps, and funky hairdo. cool right?
one of the regulars enjoys drawing "nudes". nothing strange, that's just what he like to do. so as time goes on he gets bored and starts a new drawing of this girl. this time topless. homegirl see this and starts trippin. saying how this makes her uncomfortable and yadda yadda. dude is like cool and decides that maybe its best to leave. oh no we're not done. all the people that run the workshop are trying to comfort her and she's crying now, calling her boyfriend. meanwhile time is ticking away. has this heffa ever posed before? know about any kind of art? does she realize that people sometimes draw things out of pure fantasy (dude actually did her a favor in his drawing). all this coming from a girl who just earlier bragged about how her parents didn't understand her tattoo, she's from a "different" generation.. bitch please. get outta here.
so yeah... the word bubble was added. just sorta sums up that day. ha.
but damn her tattoo is pretty cool huh! haha! neato hair too.
took about 3 hours. her stockings were fun to paint. just tried to get the feel of it. although not exactly acurate, i like the way the blues in her skin and stockings looked, so i kinda left that in. something also happened with the layers in sb pro (transparency problems), so i had to touch the background up after the session.

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