Wednesday, April 25, 2007

week 6

so the model never showed up on this day. after waiting around for almost an hour, the girl that helps run the workshop posed for us. dang i don't know what happened here. felt like i ran out of time or something. just wasn't feeling it that day. again a little bit of the small head thing going on. i gave her a fivehead. haha! forgot to go back and add in the hair in the front. oops. peep the jeans... oh yeah putting those new brushes to work. heh.
oh yeah i added a paper grain saved out from artrage. damn i wish those two programs were put together into some el ultimo tablet art program.

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zaf said...

the head and the hands, the head and the hands....hey, i want to see you start a painting sometime. just to get an idea of how you block it out or proportion the model on the canvas. just curious. :) oh and next time take a cam phone pic of the model (if it's ok of course) and maybe post it (?) so we can see the real thing for comparison. i know that's not the point of painting, but i'm just wondering about that too.

but anyway, i love the stuff you're doing with the tablet so far. curious to see how far you can actually push that thing.