Sunday, December 16, 2007

week 33

hey its the punk rocker girl from way back. this girl is always pretty fun to draw. there is always something interesting about her look. she always has rad hair and the shoes really make it work. and man.. this chick can sit. and i mean still.

week 32

i kinda dig the vibe going on in this. its the wood divider thingy and the fact that she isn't totally naked. this model always has some crazy interesting outfits and apparently she has to wear her shoes. it makes things less boring i guess.

week 31

she had really cool hair. my painting... not so much.

Monday, November 26, 2007

week 30

probably the best outfit we've had. this girls was pretty fun to paint. drawing naked people can get a little dull after awhile (yeah wow never thought i'd say that). aside from setting it up yourself, you really don't get to paint rad costumes/clothing on the regular.
here i actually took it a little further after the workshop. mainly adding extra details a such. i went back to a smaller dpi and waht do you know, a more complete painting. either that or i was really inspired.
funny thing about this model. i didn't know this until later, but she is also know as Basura, from Who Wants to Be a Superhero? yeah the Stan Lee joint. i'm guessing she was the "hot one". but hella cool huh?
oh and Dan... i see you're a fan of hers! lolasaurus rex!

week 29

so i think i figured out why i can't seem to get very far lately with the paintings. Image Size. yeah, i recently started painting at a higher dpi and so its been taking me that much longer to really get into these. maybe i'm such a noob that i'm doing sonething wrong with my settings?? eh who knows.
anyway i didn't get very far on this. got kinda bored too i guess. i was trying a different approach too. i'm trying to find ways to speed up my process.

Monday, November 12, 2007

week 28

i got bored and started messing about.

week 27

i like the background.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

week 26

here it is... the first guy model since i started painting.
its a guy, in a suit. yay.
i just didn't feel like "painting" on this day. plus i felt the black and white worked with the whole suit thing. you know... just doing something different.

Monday, October 22, 2007

week 25

so here i continued what i started in the last painting. more of the same splattery background. i tried to add an outline around her. feels more comic bookish. i didn't finish the outline because it really took away from her face and changed the whole vibe of it. her right leg turned out a little jacked up. one of those things i sketched/blocked in and forgot about till the end and realized it was too big/long. oh well.
this was the first time this model posed... ever. pretty crazy to just get up and get naked on your first try. i believe she is a dancer/art student so thats probably why she is cool with her body.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

week 24

yeah i know the neck looks long. but you know i realized this as i was painting and i kept trying to remeasure the proportions and in the end this seemed right based on the model. i laid in the background fairly early which i think led me to want to add the paint drips on her leg. for whatever reason the splattery thing going on in the bg made me think of graffiti. i kinda like it though. i'll experiment more i think. why not right?

week 23

man... i can't really remember much about this session. again more photoshop. i used a lot of that furry looking brush for most of this (shout out to nivbed for that). it really helped with the blocking of color. it also added to the way i was planning on rendering this. basically i didn't need to do too many brush strokes to fill in areas.
it still amazes me how many people haven't seen a tablet pc. they really trip out on it. and the fact that i'm drawing on the screen really makes them bug out too.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

week 22

so after a two week holiday, i'm back at it. homegirl had a really cool outfit. a gothic looking type of thing with some really rad boots! she had a little bat painted on her right cheek so i tried to put it in the background instead. ha!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

week 21

last one for august. its pretty crap.
worst model ever. you'd think, "oh, neat outfit." but an old lady with parkinson's disease on two red bulls would have been a better model. i swear this heffa could not stay still. pretty uninspiring. oh well.

Monday, August 20, 2007

week 20

yeeah..... i don't know what to make of this. i think i had a whole different thing in mind for this painting and it just never turned out the way i wanted it. i really exaggerated the colors and just took it really far out. i pretty much only used one brush for this whole thing. it was a really carefree session. just kinda experimanted and had fun with it.
this older lady had a pretty interesting figure. the curves and shapes were really accentuated. i think a lot of it had to do with the lighting and the pose she took.

Monday, August 13, 2007

week 19

this was done in photoshop. same model from week 15. the runner chick. damn i love those new brushes i mentioned from last time (i added freaking freckles!). i still come back to that set of brushes no matter how many new brushes i try out.
i think i made her look like a cross between sarah jessica parker, a dash of tea leoni and a little bit of hilary clinton... what the F?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

starcraft 2 story mode

here is more of what i'm working on. this is from the Blizzcon demo.

Monday, August 6, 2007

new mixes dot com

this link here
fall in love all over again with that "electronic" music you might have heard about from ten years ago. (remember that?)

i love this site! i can finally catch up on current tracks and freshest mixes. a lot of live mixes and radio/studio (internet radio) mixes. good good stuff!
i've been getting back into other genres since i found this.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

week 18

alright one last painting for the month of july! again using photoshop. got a set of brushes from an Imagine FX magazine tutorial. it was a set of like 10 brushes that some fancy artist uses. i had a good time using these. i finally can get better textures in my skin. if you look real close the brush patterns are all spotty (in a good way i guess). all done with a custom brush. next to the lens flare, custom brushes are the best feature ever! ha! but yeah just having some fun with this. tried to keep it loose.
i didn't get around to painting this girl's tats. she had quite a few. oh and apparently, her and her boyfriend are saving themselves/waiting till marriage... if you know what i mean? it was hilarious to see everyones shock and amazement when she mentioned that. even the old guys in the class had a laugh.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

week 17

whoa where have i been? after being super busy i finally got around to going back to my workshop class. and as i said in the last post i moved on from alias sketchbook pro to photoshop. the workflow is way different. sketchbook is built around its ease of use on a tablet pc. photoshop is meant to be used in conjunction with a keyboard. and damn the added amount of options and brushes and whatnot isn't always a good thing. i think i waste more time trying out stuff than actually painting. but man you can get some cool stuff out of photoshop.
as far as the painting goes... well i was definitely trying things out. experimenting. having some fun. got this cool model who was down for a standing pose (which is always good). she even had this cool little outfit that made her look like some jazz cabaret dancer. she kept moving so i just went with my initial pose and faked it a bit. tried using a few custom brushes i picked up in the past (big ups to nivbed's brushes). but yeah just having a laugh. gotta get more practice in with photoshop though. peace out for now.

Monday, June 25, 2007

week 16

man.. this older lady had the craziest tats all over her entire body. there was a huge dragon on her left side that went all the way down her thigh. one can only wonder what she was like in her golden years... an attention starved, ren fair hippie??? i kid, i kid.
i switched up the rendering a bit on this. tried to paint more like the way i might sketch. i was trying to be very conscious of following her shape and contours while shading and adding color.

this may or may not be one of my last paintings done in sketchbook pro. i've finally accepted the fact that this is pretty much a dead product. nothing new. no more updates. i've been reading up on the new artrage update/version that will be out in the near future. sounds like it should do what i need it to do. the current version is lacking in a few areas (lasso, move scale, rotate tool). although, i might just bite the bullet and use photoshop without a keyboard and added slight lag.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

adidas top tens

snap son! back before i had a job in animation i used to see a pair of adidas top tens that i really wanted. i never got a chance to buy them. after i got a job, i could never find them again and i forgot all about them. untill recently....
so ok i've been on a little hunt for dope top tens. i just got the black "soul power" top tens (i believe they came out to commemorate black history month). i almost don't ever want to wear these cause they are so dope. super plush. velour around the ankles, embossed leather inner sole and tongue, printed design on the sides... oh so fresh.
to me, top tens are like the "dunks" of adidas. straight up classic and simple. if these were marketed right, i think they could really take a chunk out of the market that nike has created with both their dunks and air force ones. as far as basketball type of shoes, if the top tens are like dunks, then the centennials could be like af1s. i know adidas pushes the superstar/shelltoes as their basketball shoe, but honestly, i feel thats in its own category. its more related to/associated with hip hop rather than basketball. they already got soccer on lock with the sambas. they got tennis on lock with rod lavers or stan smiths. and they got plenty of fresh ass running shoes. but i never felt their presence in basketball shoes. and lets be honest, a shit ton of kids, hip hoppers, tastemakers, and sheep, flock to nike for basketball kicks. and they really aren't all that (nikes are the only shoes that ever fell apart on me). adidas corporate, step your game up. i know you've done a few neat things with top tens, but where are the top ten exclusives, limited editions, and collaborations. damn at least how about some different colors.
and another thing, i can't be the only adidas head out there (and i'm not even that serious about my kicks). where yall at?

week 15

now this was fun. this model comes in and is totally down for a standing kind of pose. i think up till now everyone has been sitting. finally... a full standing (ok, leaning) figure for once. apparently she runs and hikes a lot so she had some real range in her skin tones.
the funniest thing happened when i got a impromptu life drawing lesson from some older asian dude who works at disney (or used to maybe) as a storyboard artist. he was rocking a glen vilpu t-shirt so i asked him about it and we got to talking. i haven't had a lesson in years. it was nice to get some good advice. a reiteration of basics. a reminder of those simple lessons that should be second nature. he got on me about my proportions (the dreaded small head and large hands) and how to properly measure up a model. he also got on me about how i need to really finish/connect my lines together(making corners from curves as steve huston would say). the last thing he talked about was shading of planes and breaking down the model into planes. basically... take my time and look, instead of rushing off to the rendering of a pretty picture.

week 14

whoa!! whats up wonky eye? totally my bad on this. more time should have been spent really nailing underlying structure. i rushed into this. i needed to get the relationships, curves, corners, angles, and planes right first. yeah... what more can i say? this didn't turn out too good. i was bored. after having good fun on the last painting, i think i was expecting a little too much on this one. boring pose + boring outfit = bored painter. i tried to make the most of it. nuff said.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

korea pics!!

the quick description........
the day before the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational held at the Olympic Park in Seoul.
booth girls all lined up.
buddhist temple near Insadong. decorated to honor Buddha's birthday.
shopping area in Myeong-dong
riding the white horse @ Geongbokgung (the palace).
more WWI.
Olympic Park.
Blizzard party @ Rock and Roll bar in Apgujeong. free drinks and bbq all night!
meat. lots and lots of meat @ a supermarket. they have lots of things to sample! mmm... free meal.
me with a handlebar stash eating meat and eggs on rice. can't go wrong.
props to my bro for the camera. good stuff.

arthur adams

so i saw this cover for the up coming Avengers Classic and i was reminded about how cool these kind of covers were when i was a kid. and how Arthur Adams was the man behind them. for as long as i can remember this guy was always impressing me with his artwork. when i was younger i used to copy his drawings (especially his wolverine).
he's got plenty of other comic work, but i went looking for his other "here we come!", "comin' at 'cha!", multi hero'd covers. sure when they are all together like this, there are many similarities. you might say he relies on the same kind of poses. and yeah, wolverine always looks about the same. but in the end they are still pretty damn cool!

Monday, June 4, 2007

week 13

i quite like the way this turned out. this is the same model from week 2. she was really glowing in her orangey red maternity type dress. really stunning. yeah she really is preggers.
i really went with the original sketch on this one. i tried to make it work with the final outcome. sorta like a comic book kinda drawing/coloring. normally i just use it as a guide for the painting bit and use the colors to define certain things. but as i kept painting i realized i sorta needed it/usedit to keep this from falling apart. there wasn't much definition without the sketch. i had to go back a clean the sketch layer up a bit because of that. too many construction lines and such. i had planned on making the dress a large solid block of color and just ditch the details. but as i kept painting i started adding in shades and just went with it. probably for the better. i tried to stick to a certain range of colors on this as well. i wanted her to be the only thing in color and sorta pop with oranges. not sure waht happened with her nose though. kinda weird, yeah?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

week 12

i tried something new here. mainly with the brush strokes and process. i ended up focusing on her face more and even that didn't get very far. her hairline is totally unfinished. but aside from wasting too much time, i like the overall look.